IVR System for Business
IVR marketing service Greet your customers with a professional IVR number provided by Exotel and route calls to the right team based on the caller’s input.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. it's a technology that enables a pre-recorded voice to act with humans through voice

What is an IVR marketing service

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. it’s a technology that enables a pre-recorded voice to act with humans through voice and DTMF tones input via the data input device. Meaning, when you call, the voice on the other end will be computer-generated. You use your phone’s keyboard to create a certain outcome.

How have businesses traditionally used IVR Marketing Service

Easy updates
This methodology permits your client to get services availed victimization their mobile phones. From ordering show tickets to home delivery, virtually each division has used IVR for payments at some purpose.

Cash on delivery verification
Cash on delivery orders, if not verified, incur vast expenses for firms. firms currently use a straightforward IVR system that ensures the order is verified by the client before it goes out for delivery. this protects time, cash and human resources for the corporate at stake.

For local language interaction
A system that’s utterly machine-driven is one in every of the foremost basic uses of IVR. it’s the simplest thanks to communicate with individuals of all languages, while not having to rent folks that speak of these totally different languages.

the standing of his order. This makes it easy for the client whereas additionally avoiding the human intervention,

Automated checking for order status
With IVR, all a client has got to do is decision the quantity given by the corporate, record his user ID and he gets the standing of his order. This makes it easy for the client whereas additionally avoiding the human intervention, thereby reducing the necessity for further personnel.
IVR savings calculator
Consider somebody’s secretary answers 3000 calls a month and is being paid a remuneration of $500. Here could be an illustration of your savings potential if Associate in Nursing IVR replaces somebody’s.

Why an IVR (IVR marketing service)number is essential for your business?

Sound skilled
Greet your callers with a transparent and curt IVR acknowledgment
Route calls with ease
Press one for Sales, a pair of for Support etc. offer your customers the simplest expertise
Support remote operating
With Bravilo’s IVR variety, you’ll be able to work from anyplace

Smart decision routing
Time-based and team-based decision routing on the caller’s input through your IVR system.

Integrate our IVR system in both inbound and outbound calls
 Inbound calls   If you have got known as a client support variety before, you want to have practised inward decision IVR. you'll be able to use IVR to attach the dialler

Smart IVR Solutions Reports and analytics
Agent-wise reportage and decision analytics every day on a period basis

Scale with ease
Add/Remove agents with a click of a button. you’ll be able to additionally scale your calls with none inhibitions!

Integrate our IVR system in both inbound and outbound calls
Inbound calls If you have got known as a client support variety before, you want to have practiced inward decision IVR. you’ll be able to use IVR to attach the dallier to the proper department, send info via SMS and a lot of. inward IVR systems square measure popularly used for client support, order pursuit and a lot of.

Outbound calls
IVR will be enforced for outgoing calls too. as an example, you’ll be able to build machine-driven calls with a pre-recorded message which will play once the person on the opposite finish answers. you’ll be able to use IVR to simply accept input from the client. outgoing decision IVR is particularly helpful for feedback, surveys and COD confirmation.

Better customer experience
 Our good IVR feature ensures your customers speak to the proper one that will facilitate them with what they're searching for.

Track and analyze calls on your IVR number Improve your product/service victimization decision recordings of your IVR calls, obtainable in your inbox. How businesses take advantage in IVR systems

Better customer experience
Our good IVR feature ensures your customers speak to the proper one that will facilitate them with what they’re searching for. the better it’s for your customers to induce connected to the proper person, the happier your client are.

Gather feedback
IVR systems will be used as an efficient channel to gather valuable feedback from the client which might then be accustomed improve your service.

Improve efficiency
With machine-driven IVR systems, there square measure currently efficient processes in situ. Your company is currently able to have a method in situ for all mundane tasks so your employees will specialize in alternative key activities.

Handle larger call volumes with a lean team
client doesn’t get to speak to Associate in Nursing agent whenever. The IVR will handle an oversized volume of incoming calls. as an example, if the client needs to understand the order standing, he will directly be connected to Associate in Nursing IVR rather than chatting with somebody’s agent.

Be available after hours
Not all firms have a 24×7 client support. In cases like these, IVRs will facilitate. merely discovered with a acknowledgment that mentions your workplace is closed and additionally mentions your work hours. this can facilitate customers decision back throughout your business hours.

With Exotel’s IVR, you’ll be able to decide what your customers hear. Say as an example somebody is asking for the primary time, then you’ll be able to play a acknowledgment that totally different from once someone is asking the second or third time. Rationalization is very important as a result of it helps your client hear a lot of relevant info.

This is the only variety of IVR. during this kind, you'll be able to solely add one layer of IVR to your decision flow.

Types of IVR
Single-level IVR

This is the only variety of IVR. during this kind, you’ll be able to solely add one layer of IVR to your decision flow. Single level IVR is ideal for straightforward use cases wherever one input is enough to attach Associate in Nursing agent or trigger a message.
Multi-level IVR
You can consider multi-level IVR as Associate in Nursing IVR at intervals Associate in Nursing IVR. typically, it’s unmanageable to make Associate in Nursing IVR menu with a 0-9 prompt. during this case, you’ll be able to use multiple layers of IVR in your decision flow to contour the work flow.

 IVR is that the most economical and simplest way to conduct a market-research survey. Know your client demographic

IVR automation What can you use IVR automation for? Surveys for market research
IVR is that the most economical and simplest way to conduct a market-research survey. Know your client demographic and rewrite their buying preferences and habits with surveys. Feedback about customer satisfaction
IVR is that the best thanks to collect feedback. you’ll be able to additionally use a multilingual methodology to solicit feedback, therefore guaranteeing language doesn’t create a drag. Large scale employment drive
Hiring for blue-collar jobs could be a challenge. a straightforward IVR decision blast will facilitate with the initial screening of staff. this can be significantly helpful for driving large-scale hiring.